some plasma

some plasma
some plasma
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03. Mai 2021
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some plasma

some plasma
Another little intro, I coded this year. This time I walked to new spheres
of coding, at least for me. Never made plasmas before. Hope you like them.

Music has been brought to POKEY by mk. He used RMT and the newly created
RMT2LZSS tool by rensoup. So I had to test how to play back these LZSS
packed data on ATARI. Initially I thought, I just have to change the LZSS
player code by dmsc to work with my code, but that was wrong. There have
been some strange errors, so that the sound didn't play correct. And I
had listened so many times to the song on ATARI at beta test, that I
could not recognize this - mk maybe had been crazy about this. Endless
versions I created with little changes - nothing worked correct. I got
frustrated and the intro was on the way to the trash can...
But then, we got the info that rensoup - the creator of RMT2LZSS tool
changed the LZSS player a bit to work with his tool. When he released
his source to the public I could correct the issues and finally whe are
here :)

PM has been painted with Gury's Mad Studio and source code typed in and
assembled using Jac!'s WUDSN IDE and TeBe's Mad Assembler. Thanks for all
these cool tools.

Have some fun watching and listening to our little intro!
-----------PPs+mk--------------May 2021------------stay ATARI!------------

PS: Choose version that matches your ANTIC chip.

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