New Years Disc

Here you can get all of the New Years Discs, that have been made from the people of forums for our little ATARI.


Im Dezember 2006 kam mir die Idee im Forum von einen Aufruf zu starten. Es sollten bis zum 31.12. alle möglichen Sachen für den kleinen ATARI geschrieben werden und dann zu mir gemailt werden, damit ich dann pünktlich zum neuen Jahr eine Disk für unseren liebsten Rechner zusammenstellen und veröffentlichen konnte.

Ich war total überrascht, wie viele an der Idee gefallen hatten und mitmachten.

Mittlerweile sind aus der Idee schon 5 New Years Discs entstanden. Jedes Jahr gibt es tolle neue Sachen zu entdecken. Es macht immer wieder richtig viel Spaß diese Discs zu erstellen und die Reaktionen der Leute mitzuerleben.

PP´s (Juli 2011)

NYD 2016

New Years Disc 2016

Hello 2016! Hope you all got well into the new year and now are prepared for
our little greetings:

Disc 1 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Getting into 2016		(3 screener)	by miker & PPs
Chi Bao				(sound)		by emkay
Happy New Year	 		(picture)	by Mario130XE
Fireworks 2016			(animation)	by miker
Blowsub				(game)		by Playsoft

Note: Getting into 2015 contains a TIP, that is not displayed 100% correct in
the demo. You'll find the original Y2016.TIP file on disc 5 for full pleasure.
The music should play correct on both PAL/NTSC - the color palletes are PAL

Disc 2 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
The Gift			(soundmenu)	by Agenda, MEC, Lamers & 505
Made with ATARI 800 (PAL)	(intro)		by philsan
Bam 2016			(intro)		by Creature XL
Filtermod			(sound)		by emkay
Rocky Horror Show (PAL)		(intro)		by philsan
NYD 2016 Nessie			(game)		by Sikor

Note: philsan has rendered both pictures with PAL palette (on this disc) and
with NTSC palette (on disc 4 and 5) for full pleasure regardless your
tv system.

Disc 3 - Codeman (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Codeman	(AUTORUN.BAS)		(game)		by Rockford

It's a Turbo Basic MindMaster type game.

Disc 4 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Happy New Year			(picture)	by Mario130XE
MD201601			(intro)		by T.M.R.
Darklight			(sound)		by xxl
Mr. Bean			(picture)	by snicklin
Happy New Year Baby		(animation)	by miker
Made with ATARI 800 (NTSC)	(intro)		by philsan

Disc 5 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Rocky Horror Show (NTSC)	(intro) 	by philsan
R.I.P. Lemmy			(picture)	by Stephen
Happy New Year			(picture)	by snicklin
Y2016.TIP			(picture)	by miker

Note: For viewing TIP on ATARI simply use tipview from eru. It's included in
the TipTools. You can find them here:
Wow, 10 times NYD and every time some new people and some 'residents' doing
stuff for our ATARI. It's a pleasure to have that amount of creativity no
matter if one is a coder, a painter, a songwriter, a profi, a beginner or what
ever. Every entry brings a big smile into my face no matter on what level it is.
The fun being creative is/was my main intention when I first asked for some
snippets of your work and always, when I ask you again :)

We have seen a lot of cool things over the passed years. Hope to get even more
in the future.

Now have fun with this year's edition!

Happy New Year 2016!
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NYD 2015

New Years Disc 2015

Another year, another NYD :)

Following people have done something to make you a happy start into 2015:

Disc 1 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Xmastree 2015 			(1 screener)	by PPs
MasterIt 2015 			(little game)	by PPs
Quarrion preview 		(game preview)	by matosimi
Intro 2015			(intro)		by Desire
Happy New Year 2015		(animation)	by miker
New Year 2k15 intro 		(intro)		by blowjobb
NYDS				(intro)		by Sikor
Happy New Year 2015		(intro)		by miker & Sunday
Comic Squares (PAL only!)	(intro)		by MaPa & PG

Note: QUICK source code of MasterIt 2015 is on the disc, too.

Disc 2 - multidisc (Double Density)
Fireworx (320 kB minimum!)	(animation)	by miker
Fireworks 2015			(intro)		by PPs

Disc 3 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Inc Year			(intro)		by TMR & blex
Laglance (final version)	(picture)	by ming
D.I.T.C.H.			(game)		by Morons
Rej				(picture)	by ming
New Year			(picture)	by Irgendwer
Strictly Gone Bananas		(game)		by Paul & Harvey & miker
35 year old one			(picture)	by PPs

Notice: Due to illness of Creature XL/Morons D.I.T.C.H. is buggy and in no way finished.
Hope he gets well soon.

Disc 4 - Dimos Quest NYD 2015 edition
Dimos Quest NYD 2015 edition	(game)		by 8bjunkie

There are some special levels for us to play this New Year :) Yeah cool.
Creators of the levels are:
Level 01 by Bunsen
Level 02 by 8bitjunkie
Level 03 by Milan
Level 04 by 8bitjunkie
Level 05 by 8bitjunkie
Level 06 by T0bey
Level 07 by 8bitjunkie
Level 08 by 8bitjunkie
Level 09 by 8bitjunkie
Level 10 by yellowman
Level 11 by 8bitjunkie
Level 12 by yellowman
Level 13 by 8bitjunkie
Level 14 by 8bitjunkie
Level 15 by wizard
Level 16 by yellowman
Level 17 by 8bitjunkie

So now time to release the thing it's 2 past 2 pm (CET) here now and I'm late...
Thanks for all the entries.

Happy New Year 2015!
some statements of the other people involved in NYD:

Paul Lay:
I didn't include any instructions as I ran out of time! Really it was more of an
experiment with the GTIA square pixel mode, the game itself is quite basic - you
have to move the joystick in the direction indicated by the arrows when they
scroll into the outlined area at the bottom of the screen (and a circle means
press the trigger). The best approach is just to touch the joystick in the
required direction and immediately release it.

Happy New Year!

hi, this is first time i contribute to nyd.
it is small game i was working on during november, but it might get nice polish by
PG and turn into serious production as all are used to get from me.

blowjobb (the original info file):
    New Year 2k15 intro by
 _   _             _     _   _   
| |_| |___ _ _ _  |_|___| |_| |_ 
| . | | . | | | | | | . | . | . |
|___|_|___|_____|_| |___|___|___|
code by:                dely
audio by:               liSu
greetings sorted by:    miker
        Happy New Year!
-------------------------------------------------------------------NYD 2015----jan-01-2015
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NYD 2014

New Years Disc 2014












New Years Disc 2014

Happy New 2014 to everybody!

Another year has passed on the fly. So it's time for another edition of the NYD.
As always I was curious, what and if will get into my mail. Also I did something for myselves.
Sad enough I got ill this time during the days, I traditionaly do the coding stuff. But at least
one little thing is ready for presentation. This time my son got into his first 'coding session'
and as a proud dad I can show you his little code :)

Now let's have a look what's on the discs and who wants to send you some little New Years cheers!

NYD2014 Disc 1 - multidisc
Happy 2014				by PPs
Twisthorizontal				by DESIRE
Countdown (animation, 128kB+)	        by miker
Happy New Year (animation)		by miker
Merry X-mas				by my son Tim
Hey Mummy				by ming
How deep is your love			by Paul Lay

NYD2014 Disc 2 - multidisc
Lunar Blitz                             by Cosine
Samba Gone Bad (parental)		by Sikor & miker
Xenon Song #3				by tzeb
Bob the Snake				by MaPa & PG
Last Glance				by ming
Happy New 2014 Year			by Sikor & miker
X:8 New Years Intro			by Xuel & José Pereira & STE'86 & TMR

NYD2014 Disc 3 - Caveblaster
Caveblaster				by Rockford

Now have fun watching and playing!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------(pps, 01.01.2014)
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01. Januar 2014
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NYD 2k13

NYD 2k13


Hello everybody!

Another year has gone. So let's start the new one with some fodder for the ATARI!
Seems that this time we got the most entries of all the NYD ever :)

There are 7 discs and they're full of goodies for you.

I choosed to let the entry by Blowjobb on a single disc, as it looks better with
the real dos there. The gamedos used on the multi discs clears screen before starting
to load and it reloads when a programm ends - normally right, but this time wrong.
Start the disc and you'll see why :)

Notice there is a documentation by Synthpopalooza telling you all about the ipc files
in the package too.

The following things are at the discs:

NYD2013 Disc 1 - multidisc.atr
Hello 2k13                                      by PPs
Frosty animation (Beware it's mature ware!)*    by CharlieChaplin
Fireworks                                       by CreatureXL, 505 and Flash
Xmas 2012 animation*                            by CharlieChaplin
Chicks on Chips*                                by JAC!
Doomsday demo                                   by Inspiration Soft
Happy 2013                                      by Sikor, Miker & his wife

* best watched on real PAL machine

NYD2013 Disc 2 - Blowjobb part.atr
A bootable disc with a DOS. When it's ready loaded type in: N* and press RETURN.

NYD2013 Disc 3 - 320k animation.atr
A nice animation from miker. You'll need at least 320k on your machine!

NYD2013 Disc 4 - multidisc.atr
Happy New Year animation (Needs at lease 128k!) by miker
Sprite multiplexer                              by playsoft

NYD2013 Disc 5 - ipc viewer.atr
After booting you'll get into a viewer, where you can load ipc pictures. More about
the whole thing can be read in the designated readme file. Synthpopalooza did a great
job here. Simply press D and you'll see, what pictures are on this disc to load them.

NYD2013 Disc 6 - ipc pictures.atr
Another disc with ipc files on it. Load them with the viewer of disc 5.

NYD2013 Disc 7 - multidisc.atr
Rough Rider                                     by XXL & Irrlichtproject
Dice 2013                                       by Sikor & Miker
Rolling Stars                                   by MaPa & PG

Hope you have fun watching all this! Happy new year 2013!
_________________________________________________________________________01.01.2013 PPs

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NYD 2012

Die New Years Disc 2012.

Erneut haben viele Leute mitgemacht und es ist wieder eine großartige Sammlung an Neujahrsgrüßen daraus geworden.


New Years Disc 2012

Welcome to the 6th edition of the NYD. Again some people did
their best to help you to have a well start into the new

This time the following things will show up:

disc one:

Fireworks (animation)              by Miker
Hopp 2012 (game)                   by PP's
New Year Monkey (animation)        by Miker
New Year's Bunny (intro)           by Sikor & Miker
Merry Xmas 1 (animation)           by Charlie Chaplin
2012 Intro (PAL recommended)       by Heaven

disc two:

Merry Xmas 2 (animation)           by Charlie Chaplin
New Year 2K12 (intro)              by Sikor, Innuendo & Miker
Scrolling Street (intro)           by PP's
Endtro (intro)                     by Blowjobb
new year intro 2012 (intro)        by Agenda

disc three:

Moon Cresta (gamepreview for VBXE) by Rybags
Happy Bars (intro)                 by MaPa & PG

Wish you a Happy New Year 2012!

Ralf (PP's) _______________________________________01.01.2012
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01. Januar 2012
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NYD 2011

New Years Disc 2011

WOW! This is just the 5th edition. Never thought at the beginning, that that could become real.
Even This edition is full of funny stuff for our little machine for a right start into the new year.

Ok don't want to bore you with long texts here.

Find these things on the 2 discs:

Disc one:

Kleeblatt and Schneemann done by me
Jacfield and Badekapp Miel 3 by JAC!
Atallax by MaPa & PG
Intro 2011 by Heaven
Happy New Year by Sikor

Disc two:

Spectipede by Rybags
Happy 2011 by Inspiration Soft
Spectipede notes code by me, text by Rybags

We all wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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03. Juli 2011
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NYD 2010

New Years Disc 2010

Here we go! This is the 4th edition of the New Years Disc. I´m happy,
that this project is still as popular as in it´s beginning. This time
we have 12 entries from all over the world.

Have fun watching our little presentations!

The following people want to wish you:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! May your ATARI always be with you ;)

Thelen & Marius
MaPa & PG
Andreas Koch

and me, PP´s

Attention NTSC users - 1 entry is PAL only.

Contents of archive:

NYD2010.atr            first "disc"
NYD2010_part.atr       second "disc"
130XE_Slide_show.atr   third "disc" (16 MB image!)
about.nfo              this information text
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NYD 2009

Hello folks!

Like the last two years I had the idea to collect some programmes around Christmas for a release
right, when the new year just begins. This time some people asked if we could start a bit earlier,
so I decided to start not as usual on dec. 25th, but on dec. 1st. Everyone who was interestet
could do something for our beloved machine until dec. 31st and send it to my email account or via
pm to the atariage account.

What we got this year, I had never been dreamed of. Thanks for al the contributors! I´m glad that
so many people have fun to do something for my brains child ;)

These people show up:

Dely & Miker
Rybags & Kjmann
Mapa & Pseudographics
Cybernoid, Wrathchild
emkay und PP´s

PP´s (2009-01-01)
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04. Juli 2011
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NYD 2008

Ok, here we go!

This time these people will give you some wishes for The new year:

Sikor, Dely & Miker (Poland)
Rybags (Australia)
Pseudografx, Fandal, Raster & Krupkaj (Czech Republic)
and off course me (Germany)

Have fun, as we had creating this little stuff!
Thanks again for all contributors.

HAPPY new YEAR !!!

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NYD 2007

Happy New Year 2007 to all of you!

I´d like to thank all people who have contributed to this little project. Perhaps this will become a
traditional event each year?

Here a list, what you can find onto the 3 Discs:

Disc One
Xmas Box by Cybernoid - Have a lot of fun with this little game!
New Year Intro by Dely and Miker - autmatic leave at its end
Happy New Year by Thelen - leave it by pressing RESET
Happy New Year, Xmas Tree and Jogging Sheep by me (PP´s) - leave it by pressing ESC

Disc Two
Xmas Tree by Gury - enjoy its lightning

Disc Three
Onesong by Bunsen - boot with BASIC and listen to this little song

I hope you like this small collection. STAY Atari!


PS: Here is what Cybernoid says about his game:
Okay, here is my Holidays 2006 Demo! I took a game I was working on and added a Christmas feel and music.

This is playable game demo. The basic idea is:

In the theme of puzzle games that don't make much sense, there are red, green and blue Christmas balls
hidden in the 9 candy canes. You need to turn all the trees surrounding the candy canes into christmas
trees. You do this by clicking on them with the cursor to shoot a magic Christmas light into the candy
canes. The light will come out somewhere as red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan or white light. This
will tell you where to move the cursor to place the Christmas balls...

Have fun, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Atari Year Y'all!!!
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