NYD 2023

NYD 2023
NYD 2023
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01. Januar 2023
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New Year's Disc 2023
Another time we want to send New Year's cheers to all of you. Have fun with
your ATARI and all the best for 2023!

I think this time we have a more traditional NYD. Most things are just small
projects created during "time between years", just to cheer all of us. No
"ages of time in making" big intro, but imho a nice set of creatons.
Thanks to all participants. You made a great job!

Wish you all the best for 2023!

01 - run 23             by Buddy + PPs
02 - Archer                 by F#READY
03 - DJack                    by eMKay
04 - evergreen            by superogue
05 - RIP Archer Maclean    by snicklin
06 - New Year Calligraphy     by miker
07 - Smus  by TL_USSR covered by miker
08 - Pele (PAL)                 by PPs

01 - Bring It On           by snicklin
02 - New Year Kid (f.by Sikor)by miker
03 - another unreal world     by eMKay
04 - ninja                  by popmilo
05 - New Year Smiley          by miker
06 - sin_waves                  by PPs

Source file (MADS) of sin_waves 169 bytes intro is included in seperate
zip file.

crash 117 by gringosoft/rockford

English language version of the text adventure created for the tutorial in
ABBUC magazines.

01 - New Year 3D heart (320k) by miker
02 - Pele (NTSC)                by PPs
03 - 202_hdlines                by PPs
04 - 202_lines                  by PPs
05 - 202_hdlines (x unrolled)   by PPs
06 - 202_hdlines (highres)      by PPs

01 - Smurfs Falaise           by miker
02 - ATARI sweaters             by PPs
03 - Space Invaders sweater(PAL)by PPs
04 - ATARI sweater 1 (PAL)      by PPs

Some infos about 202_lines intros
I wanted to test what is the difference in speed between the 256 colors mode
and gfx9. All the 4 different intros are just using same "plasm" method as in
169 bytes sin_waves intro.
Just add time to x, take sin of that and then add y to get the color of that
location, where x range is from left to right and y range from top to bottom.
At start the plasm is calculated just for 2 lines in height and running up.
Next picture is shown, when calculation is ready.
As you can see it can be really fast, if y is not that high, esp. when showing
just gfx9. Switching to 256 colors, by alternating gfx11 and gfx9 in DLI,
stops just something like a "motion on the screen". It produces nice colors,
but 202 lines are just too many to calculate to produce more than one picture
per frame, where gfx9 screen may have about 3 pics per frame at same lines
Main reason of speed dropping is just the DLI needed, to get the 256 colors
mode. We have so many times to wait, till next mode switch, that there is
not much room to calculate the plasm.
Full screen (256 colors) hd plasma in motion seems to be impossible.

202_hdlines: was first try of this and even reducing screen width does not
work for 256 colors mode in motion. It producecs 64x202 pixels screen.

202_lines: uses half of the resolution in x, so I left it in 40 bytes mode.
40x202 pixels are not far better, but a bit (32 bytes width: the same)

202_hdlines (x unrolled): same resolution as 202hdlines, but x-loops are
unrolled. This shows, that at least here unrolling does not matter. Just
file size explodes a lot. y-loops unrolling would take a 8 kB file with no
noticeable speed incrementation and unrolling x and y takes out the limits
of the A8 (4kB*8kB=32kB^2=32000kB=32MB).

202_hdlines (highres): Just as it can be done. No speed anymore, but here
you have best chances of all to catch a view of the relativity of time ;)

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