NYD 2021

NYD 2021
NYD 2021
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01. Januar 2021
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NYD 2021
Welcome to the next issue of NYD. We all want to wish you all the best for 2021.
Hope you have some time for the show ;)

Content of the discs:

20202021                 by F#ready
Galactic greetings (PAL) by Yellow-man
neon 2021                by miker
no human                 by emkay
Nobodys Friend           by snicklin
timerun                  by PPs
Vic Zombies (BAS)        by Philsan
ED 128kB===089/1040 sec free

16 bars                  by PPs
Australian Bushfires     by snicklin
happy 2021               by Desire
Harry and Rachel         by snicklin
Mein Schatz              by Mario130XE
mono 2021                by miker
noistro                  by emkay
ED 128kB===019/1040 sec free

quadrixx                 by gringosoft
SD 090kB===343/0720 sec free

Galactic greetings(NTSC) by Yellow-man
Hybris Level NYD2021 ed. by emkay
sandy                    by emkay
thumb 2021               by miker
ED 128kB===372/1040 sec free

ATASCII art editor       by sikor
SD 090kB===501/0720 sec free

total count:
5 discs======1324/4560 sec free
----100% fun for your ATARI----

go lucky v1.1            by PPs

------------------------------------------------------------------2021-01-01 PPs
Some infos by the authors:

F#READY - 20202021
20202021, 256 Bytes intro
For the New Years Disk 2021

F#READY, 2020-12-31
Thanks to IvoP for sound and some optimisations
Philsan - Vic Zombies
Recently I found Zombies, a type-in game I played at the time on my VIC20 (my
first computer), programmed by Mike O' Neill and published on Games for your
VIC20, Virgin Books, 1983. I decided to port it to Atari (my second computer).
To port a game you should know both machines well. That's not my case but I made
it nevertheless ah ah.
BASIC code is almost the same but zombies placement algorithm was too slow.
Therefore I decided to replace the original with a better one made by DMSC.
Besides original version, with VIC20 character set, I added a version slightly
faster and with new graphics made by TIX.
The program detects PAL/NTSC and adjusts palette.
Sikor - ATASCII art editor
Late, but always...
Use with DOS, known bugs: character in right lower corner must be place at end.
Use with control and cursor key. Sorry, that this time is so small thing...
PPs - 16 bars
Just some words about this little one. First version of this thing counted for
exact 900 bytes. After some optimization I crunched it down to 816 Bytes. Then
I added the extra colors so in th eend we have now 894 bytes in total. Hope you
like my first 1024 ByteTro.
PPs - go lucky v1.1
Full game in latest version plus manuals. If you have some ideas, what could
be made better or added (only a few bytes are left free), please contact me.

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