NYD 2007

NYD 2007
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04. Juli 2011
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Happy New Year 2007 to all of you!

I´d like to thank all people who have contributed to this little project. Perhaps this will become a
traditional event each year?

Here a list, what you can find onto the 3 Discs:

Disc One
Xmas Box by Cybernoid - Have a lot of fun with this little game!
New Year Intro by Dely and Miker - autmatic leave at its end
Happy New Year by Thelen - leave it by pressing RESET
Happy New Year, Xmas Tree and Jogging Sheep by me (PP´s) - leave it by pressing ESC

Disc Two
Xmas Tree by Gury - enjoy its lightning

Disc Three
Onesong by Bunsen - boot with BASIC and listen to this little song

I hope you like this small collection. STAY Atari!


PS: Here is what Cybernoid says about his game:
Okay, here is my Holidays 2006 Demo! I took a game I was working on and added a Christmas feel and music.

This is playable game demo. The basic idea is:

In the theme of puzzle games that don't make much sense, there are red, green and blue Christmas balls
hidden in the 9 candy canes. You need to turn all the trees surrounding the candy canes into christmas
trees. You do this by clicking on them with the cursor to shoot a magic Christmas light into the candy
canes. The light will come out somewhere as red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan or white light. This
will tell you where to move the cursor to place the Christmas balls...

Have fun, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Atari Year Y'all!!!

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