NYD 2015

NYD 2015
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01. Januar 2015
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New Years Disc 2015

Another year, another NYD :)

Following people have done something to make you a happy start into 2015:

Disc 1 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Xmastree 2015 			(1 screener)	by PPs
MasterIt 2015 			(little game)	by PPs
Quarrion preview 		(game preview)	by matosimi
Intro 2015			(intro)		by Desire
Happy New Year 2015		(animation)	by miker
New Year 2k15 intro 		(intro)		by blowjobb
NYDS				(intro)		by Sikor
Happy New Year 2015		(intro)		by miker & Sunday
Comic Squares (PAL only!)	(intro)		by MaPa & PG

Note: QUICK source code of MasterIt 2015 is on the disc, too.

Disc 2 - multidisc (Double Density)
Fireworx (320 kB minimum!)	(animation)	by miker
Fireworks 2015			(intro)		by PPs

Disc 3 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Inc Year			(intro)		by TMR & blex
Laglance (final version)	(picture)	by ming
D.I.T.C.H.			(game)		by Morons
Rej				(picture)	by ming
New Year			(picture)	by Irgendwer
Strictly Gone Bananas		(game)		by Paul & Harvey & miker
35 year old one			(picture)	by PPs

Notice: Due to illness of Creature XL/Morons D.I.T.C.H. is buggy and in no way finished.
Hope he gets well soon.

Disc 4 - Dimos Quest NYD 2015 edition
Dimos Quest NYD 2015 edition	(game)		by 8bjunkie

There are some special levels for us to play this New Year :) Yeah cool.
Creators of the levels are:
Level 01 by Bunsen
Level 02 by 8bitjunkie
Level 03 by Milan
Level 04 by 8bitjunkie
Level 05 by 8bitjunkie
Level 06 by T0bey
Level 07 by 8bitjunkie
Level 08 by 8bitjunkie
Level 09 by 8bitjunkie
Level 10 by yellowman
Level 11 by 8bitjunkie
Level 12 by yellowman
Level 13 by 8bitjunkie
Level 14 by 8bitjunkie
Level 15 by wizard
Level 16 by yellowman
Level 17 by 8bitjunkie

So now time to release the thing it's 2 past 2 pm (CET) here now and I'm late...
Thanks for all the entries.

Happy New Year 2015!
some statements of the other people involved in NYD:

Paul Lay:
I didn't include any instructions as I ran out of time! Really it was more of an
experiment with the GTIA square pixel mode, the game itself is quite basic - you
have to move the joystick in the direction indicated by the arrows when they
scroll into the outlined area at the bottom of the screen (and a circle means
press the trigger). The best approach is just to touch the joystick in the
required direction and immediately release it.

Happy New Year!

hi, this is first time i contribute to nyd.
it is small game i was working on during november, but it might get nice polish by
PG and turn into serious production as all are used to get from me.

blowjobb (the original info file):
    New Year 2k15 intro by
 _   _             _     _   _   
| |_| |___ _ _ _  |_|___| |_| |_ 
| . | | . | | | | | | . | . | . |
|___|_|___|_____|_| |___|___|___|
code by:                dely
audio by:               liSu
greetings sorted by:    miker
        Happy New Year!
-------------------------------------------------------------------NYD 2015----jan-01-2015

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