NYD 2k13

NYD 2k13
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NYD 2k13


Hello everybody!

Another year has gone. So let's start the new one with some fodder for the ATARI!
Seems that this time we got the most entries of all the NYD ever :)

There are 7 discs and they're full of goodies for you.

I choosed to let the entry by Blowjobb on a single disc, as it looks better with
the real dos there. The gamedos used on the multi discs clears screen before starting
to load and it reloads when a programm ends - normally right, but this time wrong.
Start the disc and you'll see why :)

Notice there is a documentation by Synthpopalooza telling you all about the ipc files
in the package too.

The following things are at the discs:

NYD2013 Disc 1 - multidisc.atr
Hello 2k13                                      by PPs
Frosty animation (Beware it's mature ware!)*    by CharlieChaplin
Fireworks                                       by CreatureXL, 505 and Flash
Xmas 2012 animation*                            by CharlieChaplin
Chicks on Chips*                                by JAC!
Doomsday demo                                   by Inspiration Soft
Happy 2013                                      by Sikor, Miker & his wife

* best watched on real PAL machine

NYD2013 Disc 2 - Blowjobb part.atr
A bootable disc with a DOS. When it's ready loaded type in: N* and press RETURN.

NYD2013 Disc 3 - 320k animation.atr
A nice animation from miker. You'll need at least 320k on your machine!

NYD2013 Disc 4 - multidisc.atr
Happy New Year animation (Needs at lease 128k!) by miker
Sprite multiplexer                              by playsoft

NYD2013 Disc 5 - ipc viewer.atr
After booting you'll get into a viewer, where you can load ipc pictures. More about
the whole thing can be read in the designated readme file. Synthpopalooza did a great
job here. Simply press D and you'll see, what pictures are on this disc to load them.

NYD2013 Disc 6 - ipc pictures.atr
Another disc with ipc files on it. Load them with the viewer of disc 5.

NYD2013 Disc 7 - multidisc.atr
Rough Rider                                     by XXL & Irrlichtproject
Dice 2013                                       by Sikor & Miker
Rolling Stars                                   by MaPa & PG

Hope you have fun watching all this! Happy new year 2013!
_________________________________________________________________________01.01.2013 PPs


DICE 2013 ver 1.1 -> Man kann nun die Musik komplett hören, wenn man möchte.


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